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    Forum Icon Requests Now Being Taken..


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    Forum Icon Requests Now Being Taken.. Empty Forum Icon Requests Now Being Taken..

    Post  Admin on Wed Jun 27, 2012 9:28 pm

    Now that we have a handle on how to add new icons..we are ready to take requests..but we have the ability to make our own as well..if you would like to post a pic of a cartoon u drew urself, we'll try our best to put it in our icon list..provided its an approved pic..
    I'm working on the task to allow ppl to have thier own personal icon that will be next to thier username everytime they post..but dont kno if we can truly do it..
    So in the meantime, post a pic of a unique hand drawn icon or Google search n post it here..then we'll take a vote on each one..if more than 8 ppl like it (based on our current members number) it will be added..as our membership grows, the needed numbers of likes will increase as well..
    Hope to see some creative requests.. Smile

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